Jose Liang Managing Director

Jose Liang Managing Director

Jose Liang founded Liquid Impact in Shanghai in 2003. With experience in events, production, marketing and communications, and business start-up and development, Jose leads Liquid Impact in its continuing growth. Since founding Liquid Impact, Jose has led successful account teams to execute more than 450 campaigns and events for a variety of clients. With strong business relations and contacts in the region, Jose has built up a diverse and prestigious client base that grows with every event.

Prior to Liquid Impact, Jose moved from Australia to join the airline and tourism industry in China. He brings excellent cross-cultural communication skills and high-level international business experience throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
Susi Zhang  Project Director

Susi Zhang Project Director

Susi Zhang is an event industry expert with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of client communication, event management, public relations, marketing, and operations. As the first one to join Liquid Impact, she is a key leader of the team at Liquid Impact. She has managed a great variety of events of different genres and sizes with different clients. Some of these clients include Nike, China Mobile, Conde Nast Group, BMW, MHD, Microsoft, Remy Martin, and Cofco. Prior to joining Liquid Impact, Susi has held positions in both Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WOFE) and State-Owned Enterprises (SOE), and with this background brings a unique combination of local knowledge and international standards to her role at Liquid Impact.
Carol Jin  Senior Project Manager

Carol Jin Senior Project Manager

After graduating from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 2004, Carol Jin joined Liquid Impact in its first year of business. She has been with the company for more than nine years. In the first three years, she was involved in all of Liquid Impact’s projects and she continues to be involved in almost every project today. Carol specializes in large-scale event management, entertainment management, and budget planning and analysis. Carol also has a special interest in organizing floral arrangement and costumes for events. Due to Carol’s passion, diligence, creativity, and commitment to teamwork she has successfully planned or participated in more than 200 events. She has managed events in different cities and with local and international clients from many different industries. She is always striving to be a better manager and team player.
Unicorn Jiang  Chief Designer

Unicorn Jiang Chief Designer

Before coming to Liquid Impact, Unicorn worked for Home Studio Design. His portfolio includes notable projects such as the interior design for The Shanghai Grand Theatre, design and production plan for Shanghai Century Hong Kong Center, interior design for Alain Mikli Shanghai Plaza 66, and many other renowned institutions.

Unicorn’s years of event design has given him exceptional knowledge of how design translates into production. For all projects, he ensures that the vision will be translated into an aesthetically attractive and functional reality. His projects include designing a true to scale aircraft carrier for Johnnie Walker’s Formula One party, interior remodeling for a BMW gala dinner at the Sculpture Space, environment design and planning for GM’s Centenary, and interior design for Architectural Digest’s China Launch Event.
Hawk NI Production Director

Hawk NI Production Director

With over 12 years of structural engineering and budgeting experience, Hawk is one of the leaders in his field in Shanghai. Before joining Liquid Impact and subsequently becoming the head of the production team, Hawk worked for the Shanghai Construction Decoration Engineering company specializing in structural engineering and budgeting for large scale hotel developments.

He has successfully overseen and advised on multiple projects including the construction of a true to scale aircraft carrier on Binjiang Avenue for Johnnie Walker’s Formula One Party, the construction of a basketball court atop Xintiandi’s lake for Adidas NBA, and the structures for Xintiandi’s New Year’s Eve Countdown Party in 2008.
LV Ruiping Senior Production Manger

LV Ruiping Senior Production Manger

LV Ruiping was the first and the only production manager when he joined Liquid Impact in 2004. With a passion for investigating and mastering new technologies and innovations, he brings an unmatched versatility and far-reaching skill set. He is Liquid Impact’s resident expert in video production, audio-visual and lighting systems, multimedia technology, and construction and carpentry. He has successfully managed the technical and architectural production of more than 200 hundred events. LV Ruiping graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.

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